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Soft Punk Magazine Issue 1.9: The Corona Papers

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With book stores being indefinitely closed, we’ve elected to challenge the brick and mortar model with a half-issue release online. Because… what else would we do?

Introducing Issue 1.9: The Corona Papers. Featuring exclusive stills from photographer Spencer Cotton, who bravely took to the streets the week following President Trump’s announcement of a national emergency, alongside new and insightful (if not sobering) nonfiction from Shaan Sachdev, Dan Talamantes, and Sam Broadway. Likewise, a swooning ode to NYC by Brooklyn poet Tania Asnes, along with visual art from Sarah Courville and Mara (SSTR), interrogate and mourn the loss of familiarity and comfort, probing the ways we exist in moments of disjuncture.

Additionally, we are proud to offer a 20% discount on all annual subscriptions with every online purchase – just check out and use the discount code LEMONADE (because when life gives you lemons...).